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new way to intelligent central air conditioning is called

FAN WALL. In this modern technology, several (usually at least

four) small fan units are connected in parallel in one housing

instead of using one large fan. This arrangement has considerable

advantages. On the one hand, the modular principle increases

flexibility. Depending on the installation requirements, the

number and size of fans can be selected optimally. On the

other hand, it improves the air flow distribution: The result is

a better heat transmission and filter utilisation in the central

air conditioning unit.

Operational reliability: No total failure in case of malfunction

Using several small fans in place of one large fan improves

depending on the installation requirements: In the event of a

malfunctioning fan there is no total system failure and not even

a drop in performance because, with the appropriate design,

the speed of the other fans can be increased to compensate the non-operational fan.

Advantages of Fan wall: That added plus

• More operational reliability

• More performance

• More costs saved

• More installation flexibility

• More energy saved

• More maintenance friendliness

• … the only less: Weight and space requirement!





The new thermal break system guarantees a high thermal insulation thanks to the use of special shaped polyamide bars of 20 mm length. One of the peculiarities of this system is the half omega profile that allows the union of two or more units ensuring the thermal bridging between them. The “panel stop” profiles hold the panels without the use of screws.The use of a patented gasket system ensures smooth internal surfaces - so the AHU can be sanitisable - and a perfect airtighthness inside the unit. Moreover, the interior of the frame has been

designed with a radius shape and nylon rounded corners in order to facilitate the maintenance of cleanliness inside the unit. To improve the mechanical and air tightness properties of the frame, the nylon and omega joint corner have special grooves for screws that fasten together the aluminium profile with the plastic components. Furthermore, the screws are hidden by nylon caps that prevent the formation of dust and dirt near the head of the screw.

Single and Multi stage Air Washer

Ventaire’s Indirect/Direct Evaporative Cooling unit is a complete packaged unit for two stage cooling and ventilation applications. The basic Indirect / Direct Evaporative cooling Unit consists of an Indirect cooling section, media type evaporative cooler section, supply air blower section, and other sections, such as filters section, air mixing boxes, access section, evaporator cooling coil section, full economizer section offered to customize IDC’s functions needed.

Indirect cooling section consists of a PVC tube type air to air heat exchanger, comes complete with 304 stainless steel casing and sump, water distribution system with moisture eliminators, with submersible or end suction type pump, secondary air intake filters and secondary air exhaust propeller type fans.

Direct evaporative coolers are manufactured with 304 stainless steel casings and sumps to prevent corrosion and are supplied with submersible or end suction pumps, with water distribution header, adjustable valves and bleed-off valve. Coolers utilize 12” deep CELdek or GLASdek media, as manufactured by Munters Corporation or equivalent make.



The units can incorporate return air section, air mixing section and economizer section. Each section is also equipped with air intake dampers, and flat or v-bank air filters.

Features common to all units are structural steel channel base, galvanized steel housing, access doors, high density fiberglass insulation, high efficiency blower motors, and externally mounted and wired electrical enclosures.

Ventaire’s standard Indirect/Direct evaporative cooling Units range from 2,000 cfm to 30,000 cfm. and special units could be built up to 60,000 cfm. In contrast to standard commercial units ventaire’s each unit is custom designed to meet the particular application and specific requirements of the project.



Variable Air Volume Diffusers

Our thermally & electronically powered VAV diffusers significantly reduce the need for VAV boxes and their associated labor and component costs.

Vari-Flow, variable air volume (VAV) diffusers, are a proven method to increase individual comfort while reducing air conditioning energy & operating costs.

Thermal Products Corporation, Mfg. of Thermally & electronically actuated VAV diffusers - Tucson, Arizona. No over cooling of multiple areas to keep one person comfortable. Each Vari-Flow VAV diffuser is a separate zone of control.

Greater individual comfort, less installation, operating and energy cost is why Vari-Flow VAV diffusers make sense.

"Electra-Flow Series" (EFS) diffusers

The "Electra-Flow Series" (EFS) diffusers were

developed to compliment the (VFS) thermally

powered diffusers. The purpose of the diffuser is to

provide a wide range of installation flexibility,

accuracy of electronic control, and the comfort of

individual room zone control. The diffuser uses a

sleeve damper unique to "Vari-Flow" products to

provide high levels of secondary room air induction

with a minimum of primary air volume. This is

accomplished by varying the discharge area of the

diffuser. As the discharge area is reduced, the

discharge velocity is increased to maintain a

constant level of secondary air induction. This, in

conjunction with the horizontal primary air

discharge pattern, prevents "dumping."

The efficiency of the air distribution is proven by

applying the diffuser to exposed duct. In this

application, the diffuser will maintain a horizontal

air flow pattern over the entire spectrum of air

volume from full flow to close off. The efficient use

of primary air energy sustains secondary air

movement to minimize stratification and maintain

comfortable levels of room ventilation with

minimum amount of primary air flow.

The EFS24 is powered by a unique "thermal motor"

that proportionately operates the damper. The

"thermal motor" operates without motor windings,

stators, armatures or bearings. This distinctive

power source operates on the simple, basic principal

of thermal expansion when a substance changes

state, in this case from a liquid to a solid. The

thermal motor has a proven history of reliability and

long life.

Ventaire heat and energy recovery units include the following:




Standard filtration for exhaust Airstream


Filters out particulates


• keeps energy recovery module clean

• less maintenance

• maintains high efficiency of energy recovery module

Medium efficiency filtration for supply airstream

Dust spot efficiency greater than 30%

Keeps energy recovery module clean

• clean air for proper IAQ levels and low maintenance for energy recovery modules


Aluminum energy module matrix

Energy recovery components that meet NFPA 90A

• meets local fire regulation codes

• safety concerns taken care of

Easy to service

All regularly maintained components are accessible in 7 minutes or less

• saves maintenance time and money

High pressure ventilators

Nominal airflows rated at minimal 1" ESP (external static pressure) capability

• allows for long distribution lines and ability to add duct modules without sacrificing airflow

Optional internal heating and cooling available

Controls air quality, temperature and humidity

• one complete package that takes care of all HVAC needs

Meets ASHRAE 62-2001 for ventilation requirements

Energy recovery 100% outdoor air ventilators with exhaust and supply blowers in one cabinet

• minimal energy impact when conforming to ASHRAE 62-2001

• typical paybacks from 0 to 3 years by saving up to 80% in

annual operating costs

• reduces heating, cooling and humidification loads up to 75%

Sloped drain pans


Positive drainage of condensate moisture

no standing water, eliminates microbial growth build up in

drain pans

Standard and Custom Ventilators

The AHUs applied product line includes Standard  and Custom  products. An standard unit is defined as any Ventaire applied unit

with two airflows, a single energy or heat recovery device and two fans. The flexibility of the standard  product line allows for

standard or specialized unit configurations and a large variety of unit options to choose from. A Custom  unit is defined as any Ventaire applied unit with or without a heat or energy recovery device that differs from the standard  criteria regarding airflows and fans. The Custom units are divided into three categories: single airflow units, units with one fan or less and dual energy recovery device units.






Enthalpy wheel for total energy






Flat plate heat exchanger





Heat pipe heat exchanger





Corrosive application product




Sloped roof for outdoor models



Numerous defrost strategies




Optional internal heating

and cooling available


Hinged access doors




Stainless steel, double-sloped

IAQ drain pans



High efficiency filtration





Double wall construction


Transfers both sensible and latent energy from the

exhaust to the supply airstream




Transfers sensible energy from the exhaust to the

supply airstream through the flat plate heat exchanger


Transfers sensible energy from the exhaust to the supply airstream using liquid-gas phase change


Polypropylene flat plate heat exchanger and coated

cabinet and components


Positive drainage of rain water




Defrost eliminates the potential for ice build up in

the heat exchanger


Controls air quality, temperature and humidity levels


Easy access to components




Easy to wash down unit for cleaning or to collect




Dust spot efficiency up to 99.997%



Prevents direct access to insulation


Decreases your heating, cooling and humidification loads by up to 75%. Maintains relative humidity levels during all months of the year.


No moving parts, ideal for dehumidification and

corrosive applications (ex) pools.



Ideal for industrial process air applications with no

moving parts and 0% cross contamination.


Long lasting product in corrosive environments (ex. pools).



No standing water, eliminating any potential leaking.



Full selection of defrost strategies to adapt to any



One package that takes care of all HVAC needs.


Easy access to internal components for maintenance

and service.


Allows for easy clean up - no water penetration into

insulation or building. Allows no standing water.


Allows for removal of particulates for sensitive

applications (ex) hospitals.


No potential indoor air quality problems due to

microbial growth. Easy to clean.

Three Energy Recovery

Technologies from Ventaire

Enthalpy Wheel

• both sensible and

latent energy transfer

• up to 75% total effectiveness

• low cross leakage with

purge section

• reduces cooling loads by up to 75%

Flat Plate Heat Exchanger

• mainly sensible energy transfer

• up to 65% sensible effectiveness

• less than 1% cross leakage

• available in aluminum or

plastic for various applications

Heat Pipe Heat Exchanger

• mainly sensible energy transfer

• up to 55% sensible effectiveness

• virtually 0% cross leakage

Air Humidity Control

is critically important

to human health,

most materials and

a wide range of

industrial processes.

FISAIR has the expertise

to offer the best solutions.

desiccant air dehumidifiers

DFRA Description

The foolproof operation of our DFRA series dehumidifiers is based on

the principle of two continuous and simultaneous airflows running in

opposite directions through the desiccant rotor: the process airflow

(airflow requiring dehumidification) and the reactivation airflow for the

desiccant rotor (wet air).After filtration, the process airflow passes

through the desiccant rotor, which adsorbs most of the water vapour

contained in the air stream.

This is then expelled from the dehumidifier via a fan, in the form of dry

air for supply to the process ventilation system or direct to the space

in question. The reactivation airflow for the desiccant rotor is drawn

from outside, filtered and heated by electricity/steam/thermal oil, or

via a direct combustion natural gas burner. When it has reached the

temperature required to carry over the molecules of water vapour

retained in the rotor, this wet air is extracted from the dehumidifier

by a fan and expelled to the outside. Our dehumidifiers are specially

designed for easy installation, stable and continuous operation with

minimum maintenance.

The effective dehumidification of the process airflow is achieved

by the high efficiency of the desiccant silica gel rotor which

adsorbs molecules of water vapour, maintaining its performance

even at low levels of ambient humidity. The synthesized silica

gel is a chemically and thermally stable material, which is not

subject to deliquescence like other desiccant materials and

therefore provides continuous and stable performance. This silica

gel is the foundation for the long service life provided by FISAIR

dehumidifiers, as its chemical resistance plus its ability to be

washed with water, ensures its longevity. Process air humidity

values down to -20ºC Dew Point can be readily achieved, and even

more demanding level are available on request

EC (Electronically Commutated) Motor Fans

Depending on global and nationwide research, the highest

potential whereby electrical energy saving can be achieved

has to do with electrical motors. The leading factor in implementing

this responsibility is EC technology with the high

energy economy it provides.

The (smart plug-and-play) product equipped with an

EC motors, details distinguishing it from other products

on the market, advantages for the manufacturer

and end user:

- Process controller, speed control device or driver, electrical

filters and overload protection (for motor and electronics)

elements are all within the motor.

- Low noise and vibration levels are achieved throughout

the entire operational range.

- 100% speed control is available without using additional


- The unit can operate with 0-10 VDC or 4-20 mA set and

actual signals.

- Wide diameter and performance range (Up to 630 mm in

diameter - 6kW in motor power). Pressures as high as

2200 Pa can be accommodated with EC motor powers.

- Fixed performance throughout the full supply current

range = 3 phase - 380-480 VAC - 50/60 Hz –

- Integrated DC supply source for sensors

- Soft start

- Ability to rotate at low speed on standby upon demand

(adjustable minimum offset speed)


Packaged Indirect/Direct Evaporative HVAC unit complete

with blower section, motor base, motor, v-belt drive, fl at bank

fi lter section, integral cooling tower, indirect cooling coil

section, direct evaporative cooling section and inlet louver

with birdscreen.


 The entire unit is to be manufactured by Aztec

Sensible Cooling, Dallas, Texas or Ventaire .

Air Purification systems


Centralized air purification systems


Centralised air purification system’s are fully self contained,

air cleaning systems,

designed for precise control of particulate, gas phase

and bio aerosol contaminants (or any combination)

from process or ambient air. These units feature

a broad range and combination of filtration components

that allow for exact controls to be selected and packaged

to meet individual applications.

The available components include the finest in medium,

high, and HEPA efficiency filters, UVC Emitters , bag filters,  and

 as well as our HCC electrostatic collectors.

Cold plasma technology  and PHI + are also available as option

Air purifier’s feature integral fans sized to fit the specified

demand and efficiently deliver the required air volume.

Air purifier’s can be installed as ducted systems to

control particulate, gas phase and/or bioaerosol contaminants

at the source or without ductwork to remove

fugitive airborne contaminants.



Air purifier’s are available in various single and multistage

filtration component configurations to solve a wide variety

of air pollution problems. They are used to remove

nuisance or hazardous airborne contaminants from

manufacturing processes, laboratory environments,

isolation rooms, and a host of other areas.

Below is a partial listing of applications.

• Metalworking, machining & grinding smoke & dust

• Welding & soldering fumes

• Vinyl extrusion plasticizers

• Rubber curing & forming smoke

• Pharmaceutical microbial control

• General and infectious bioaerosols

• Vacuum pump exhaust

• Storage warehouse air cleaning

• Solvent cleaning & gluing fumes

• Pharmaceutical processing dusts

• Offset printing powders

• Heat treating smoke

• Diesel engine exhaust


Our associates

MESTEX – Mestek is a family of over 35 specialty manufacturers . Through more than 35 subsidiaries, Mestek makes heating, ventilating, and air-conditioning (HVAC) products such as hydronic heat-distribution units, gas-fired heating and ventilating equipment, louver and damper equipment, boilers, and refrigeration equipment. Mestek's Formtek family of companies designs, builds, and services metal-forming and fabricating systems. Its Embassy Industries arm makes radiant heating and plumbing products sold in North America and Europe. Mestek Technology provides computer software products that allow manufacturers to monitor equipment remotely. And while technology and markets have changed since 1946, the commitment to serve customer needs profitably is as important today as it was in a rented garage in Westfield


FISAIR   Fisair is composed of a team of HVAC equipment technicians with a wealth of experience in air treatment based on humidity content.

Controlling air humidity is essential to human health, numerous industrial processes and a long list of products.

Our team boasts a wealth of highly specialist knowledge and in-depth international experience, which in combination with the industrial expertise provided by other production technicians, enables top-quality designs and manufacturing where a flexible approach is taken aimed at enhancing service levels for all our clients.

Since 1972, the founders of Fisair have been involved in an ongoing process of learning and development in order to provide technological solutions that enable humidity control in a wide variety of applications. In the beginning, work was undertaken as part of the parent company, Tecniseco Ingenieros. 

In excess of 3000 m2 of mechanical workshops, an electrical-assembly workshop, a painting chamber and spacious warehouses mean FISAIR is well equipped to produce high-precision compact units and large-sized units alike.

In addition to the technical and engineering offices required in any industrial sector, FISAIR has it own R&D and Innovation centre for the development of the technology on offer, and to further enhance its knowledge and expertise.

Thermal Product Located in Tucson Arizona, has been serving the HVAC industry since 1984. Since its inception, we have been manufacturing and delivering quality thermally actuated and electronically actuated VAV ceiling diffusers and other types of air distribution that meet the industry design criteria at an affordable price.

Our diffusers feature an "exclusivering damper" which acts as a valve and solves the basic problem inherent to disk type dampers or multiple diffusion blade dampers.

This design assures the system designer of the full 70-78° degree operating range of the diffuser regardless of the system pressure variations or damper position.

Thermal Products Corp., brings you infinite experience in the HVAC Industry.

Clima vents - Clima Ventilazione sistemi S.P.A , a Italian manufacturer of ventilation equipment delivers for already more than twenty years CVS products and system solutions in the areas of air handling. Whatever product you need, you may rest assured that it reflects all the craftsmanship and expertise that CVS stands for while incorporating the latest developments in the field


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