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Air Handling Unit

Range: 1000 CFM to 40000 CFM

  • Double skin casing with choices of GSS / SS304 for inner skin & Pre-painted / Powder coated for outer skin.
  • Choice of thermal break profile.
  • Choice of Al, SS & Screw less Al profile is also available 
  • Choice of heat recovery wheel/ plate type heat exchanger / heat pipe is also available
  • Wide mix of components like Pre /Fine / Hepa/ Carbon filters, heating coils, wet deck pad, drift eliminators, electric heaters, sound attenuation section with sound attenuators, dehumidifiers, humidifiers
  • Choice of EFF 1 motors, VFD enabled motors , Flame proof motors, EC motors are also available.
  • Wide Choice of blowers – centrifugal forward curved, Backward curved or backward with aerofoil design is available 
  • Fan wall technology is also available
  • UV light, cold plasma units is available as optional 
  • Compact units upto 8000 CFM in both ceiling suspended and floor mounted vertical units are available
  • Choice of integrated control panel is also available,
  • Unit Construction & design in compliance with EN 1886
  • Also available with anti microbial , anti fugal coating and high resistant coating .

Special System

Range: 1000  CFM to 50000 CFM

  • Independent and precise control of temperature , humidity, filtration, purification, air movement, fresh  air and noise levels

Single and Multi stage Air Washer and Air Scrubber

  • Double skin casing in 25 mm / 43 mm Al profile
  • Choice of 200 mm thick cellulose pads, drift eliminator is also available
  • Custom build units for power plants is also available 
  • Units in Single skin construction is also available 
  • Choice of AMCA certified fans – centrifugal forward / backward fan is also available
  • Indirect evaporative cooling module using polymer plate type exchanger
  • Indirect evaporative cooling module using water side economizer concept

Dry & Wet Air Scrubber

  • Double skin casing in 25 mm / 43 mm Al profile
  • Choice of filters like electrostatic precipitator (ESP), Carbon filters etc  is also available
  • Custom build units for power plants is also available 
  • Units in Single skin construction is also available 
  • Choice of AMCA certified fans – centrifugal forward / backward fan is also available


Treated fresh Air Unit

  • The Twin Wheel system contains three main parts the hygroscopic rotor, a cooling coil and a sensible rotor (Passive rotor).
  • Twin Wheel system is to improve on cooling and humidity control versus other solutions on the market. 
  • The purpose is to produce cool and dry air while lowering the cost for these processes compared to conventional systems.

Fan Coil Unit

  • Range 1 Ton to 3 Ton
  • Ultra Silent ceiling suspended in concealed design 
  • Optionally factory fitted accessories
  • Also available in complete SS construction
  • Also available with remote control

Hydronic Cassette Units 

  • Vivid LCD display remote control
  • Multi layer air purifying technology
  • Fresh air intake provision
  • Built in water pump
  • 4 way directional airflow
  • Range 1.5TR to 4 TR

Smoke Fans - Axial Duct Fans 

  • Aluminum impellers
  • 200 °C / 2 h - 300 °C / 1 h - 400 °C / 2 h
  • Suitable for continuously 120 °C
  • Size 315 mm to 1250 mm Blade dia
  • capacities upto 50000 CFM
  • Suitable to use in outdoor applications

Energy recovery ventilators (ERV) 

  • Available in both Double Skin panels and single skin 
  • 22.5 mm insulation thickness
  • Plate type heat-exchanger or heat recovery wheel

Inline Fans 

  • Cabinet is manufactured in galvanised sheet steel.
  • Incorporated with a direct driven, DIDW / SISW forward curved centrifugal fan.
  • Flanged inlet and outlet for easy ductwork connection
  • Belt driven DIDW forward curved centrifugal fan is also available
  • Decorative inline fans with grills and filter is also available
  • Optional Features:

    • Internal Insulation, filters, Different discharge orientation 
    • Complete SS body and Motor outside air stream is also available for Kitchen and non corrosive environments.

Centrifugal DIDW Type Fans 

  • Size from 315 to 1000 mm
  • Capacities to 80000 m3/h
  • Total pressure up to 4500 Pa
  • High efficiency and low noise
  • Forward & backward type are available
  • Also available in SS body Also available with anti microbial , anti fugal coating and high resistant coating.

SISW Backward Type Centrifugal Fans 

  • Capacities to 80000 m3/h
  • Total pressure up to 4500 Pa
  • Also available in SS body 
  • Suitable for ventilation and smokespill application

Evaporative cooling pads and Media Pad Evaporative Air Humidifiers for AHU 

Made of fluted cellulose sheet glued together Ventaire Model 7090 cooling pads are having exceptional wetting properties and air flow Media Pad Evaporative Air Humidifiers for AHU from M/s Fisair, spain

Heat recovery wheel  

  • High performance , low pressure drops and max efficiency near to 80 %
  • Both cassettes as well as rotor are available
  • Customised flute height and rotor depth is also available
  • Eurovent certified product is also avaialble

Desiccant dehumidifier & air humidifiers 

  • Desicant dehumidifiers are usually for health reasons
  • All humidifiers are manufactured engineered to highest consistency, reliability and ecology standard with height energy efficiency
  • Available upto 60000 CFM
  • Product is powered by M/s Fisair , Spain


  • Three sizes (315, 355 and 400 mm impeller diameter), 
  • Fan casings and outside sheet for fan housing and silencers manufactured from pre-galvanized sheet. 
  • For ambient temperatures for CO exhaust or for high temperature smoke exhaust (300°C/2h) applications.

Variable Air Volume Boxes 

  • Honeywell make pressure independent boxes
  • These VAV boxes are as per AHRI standard
  • Factory calibrated for a particular range of air flow

HVAC measuring instruments  

  • BTU meters ,Flow meters, Electrical energy meter RH/Temprature sensors,Anemometers,techometers, FCUs and AHU 2 , 3 way valves from Jhonson controls Shenitech USA

Diffusers and grills 

  • Grill and diffusers are made from Aluminium Square and rectangular shape of diffusers are available
  • Volume control dampers are also available

Air curtain 

  • Ventaire’s air curtain are available in various models .( Both Horizontal & vertical ) and in four different velocities.they are suited for door opening ranging to from 2.5 ft. wide to 8 ft and in velocities ranging from 12 m/s to 20 m/s and above

Variable Air Volume Diffusers 

  • It significantly reduce the need for VAV boxes and their associated labor and component costs.
  • Product is from Thermal Products Corporation, Mfg. of Thermally & electronically actuated VAV diffusers - Canada Greater individual comfort, less installation, operating and energy cost
  • Available in both square and linear type

Sound Attenuators 

  • Attenuators is designed for inclusion in ductwork systems or for direct connection to fan or A.H.U. inlet and discharge We offers flexibility of sizes, performance and material specification. casing from GI of 20/22 swg. Attenuating splitters are constructed from a press formed frame work of G.I. sheet and incorporate high density and highly absorbent Fibre Glass Insulation material with fibre glass tissue covering with 24 swg perforated GI /Al sheet Available in circular and rectangular form

Air Purification System 

  • Available with six purification process .it succeeds all the purifying technology like Hepa, PCO, ESP,UV,Carbon, TIO2, Ionizers
  • Capacity upto 60000 CMH in centralized series

Cooling Tower 

  • Our Forced Draft Cooling Towers
  • Our Forced Draft Cooling Tower components are manufactured with a complete range of up to 700 Tons in a single Cell. For higher capacity cooling towers.
  • Our Forced Draft Cooling Towers have following distinct advantages: Saving in Water Consumption Saving in Space Consumption Saving in Power Consumption Gravity Flow Unpressurised Distribution System Twin Fans & Twin Motors Operation

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