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Ventaire is best leading company of cooling tower, and best deals in cooling tower supplier. We are best leading in cooling tower manufacturer in all over delhi ncr and all over india.

A Cooling tower is a heat rejection device which extracts waste heat to the atmosphere through the cooling of a water stream to a lower temperature. Cooling towers may either use the evaporation of water to remove process heat and cool the working fluid to near the wet-bulb air temperature or, in the case of closed circuit dry cooling towers, rely solely on air to cool the working fluid to near the dry-bulb air temperature.

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Common applications include cooling the circulating water used in oil refineries, petrochemical and other chemical plants, thermal power stations and HVAC systems for cooling buildings. The main types of cooling towers are natural draft and induced draft cooling towers. The classification is based on the type of air induction into the tower.

Cooling towers vary in size from small roof-top units to very large hyperboloid structures (as in the adjacent image) that can be up to 200 metres (660 ft) tall and 100 metres (330 ft) in diameter, or rectangular structures (as in Image 3) that can be over 40 metres (130 ft) tall and 80 metres (260 ft) long. The hyperboloid cooling towers are often associated with nuclear power plants, although they are also used to some extent in some large chemical and other industrial plants.

Although these large towers are very prominent, the vast majority of cooling towers are much smaller, including many units installed on or near buildings to discharge heat from air conditioning.

Cooling Tower 

  • Our Forced Draft Cooling Towers
  • Our Forced Draft Cooling Tower components are manufactured with a complete range of up to 700 Tons in a single Cell. For higher capacity cooling towers.
  • Our Forced Draft Cooling Towers have following distinct advantages: Saving in Water Consumption Saving in Space Consumption Saving in Power Consumption Gravity Flow Unpressurised Distribution System Twin Fans & Twin Motors Operation

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